Dear Parents,

Pennsylvania State Law requires that all students residing in college owned housing be vaccinated against meningitis. The traditional and standard vaccination offered by most providers protects students against several major strains of the disease. Recently, there have been several outbreaks of meningitis on college campuses in this region. The cause of these outbreaks is due to an emerging strain of meningitis called serotype B. This strain is not covered by the traditional vaccine. As you know, meningitis is a deadly infection and an outbreak is unpredictable and can be emotionally devastating to affected communities. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our students receive a separate vaccine for serotype B (Bexero or Trumemba) which has recently become available. Many providers do not have the meningococcal group B vaccine. The Bailey Health Center does have the Trumenba Vaccine which consist of two doses.


Jeffrey Goldstein, MD
Director of Health Services