Where can I obtain the Health Center forms?

Health Center forms are emailed to all incoming first-year students in early June. Forms are also available from the health center website.

What if my insurance covers only one physical per year?

Your doctor may complete our physical form using the physical information within one year of the July 15 due date. You do not need to send an updated physical after July 15 unless there is a change. You can download a physical form from the Bailey Health Center website.

Can I submit my own doctor’s forms?

No. Only completed Lafayette forms are acceptable. Private physician forms will be returned to you.

Does my doctor’s office need to fill in the immunization record?

Yes. Please remember to check the Varicella (chickenpox) requirement. You also may attach a copy of your immunization history for clarification.

Which immunizations (vaccinations) are required?

Please see the heath center’s list of immunizations required for matriculation.

Do I need to keep a copy of the health forms?

Originals should be returned to the health center however keeping a copy for your personal records is a good idea.

Who should be listed as an emergency contact?

Parents would automatically be called first. This is an opportunity to list someone other than a parent in case he/she is unable to be reached.

Does my child need a physical every year?

No. An exam is needed only as an incoming first-year student. If your student receives an immunization from another health care provider, a copy should be sent to the health center to keep students records up to date.

Will my insurance cover my child while at Lafayette College?

This depends on each individual insurance policy. Call the customer service department listed on your card.

What is a guest provider?

This is a designated primary care physician in the Easton area. Some HMO plans may require you to choose one while your student is at Lafayette.

What does “emergent care” mean?

Emergent care is care given in an emergency room only. This does not include the Bailey Health Center.

Why do I need to send a copy of my insurance card?

Your insurance is needed for services rendered by outside providers, such as labs and x-rays.

How does my child get seen at the health center?

He or she can make an appointment online at https://medicat.lafayette.edu or call us for an appointment (x5001). Emergency cases are taken on a walk-in basis. If a student becomes sick after hours, he or she may wait till morning or call Public Safety (x4444).

Is there a fee to see the doctor?

No. There may be fees for some services such as strep testing or medications.

How can my student fill a prescription at the Bailey Health Center?

The health center has a limited amount of  medications in our formulary at a cost. Other medications or those requesting to use their insurance can make other arrangements with local pharmacies; Bell Apothecary, and NeighborRX are two local pharmacies that will deliver to the health center. A student can call and set up an account with a credit card.

As an alumnus, can I get my immunization record?

Yes. You are able to access your records through the online student portal.