Absences That Warrant Dean’s Excuses

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, the College physician, and Dr. Melissa Garrison, director of the counseling center, will provide notice to the Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs only in the event students are admitted to area hospitals or have a major medical or psychological problem requiring absence from class. In these cases, the Office of the Advising and Co-Curricular Programs will notify faculty of student absences as certified by the College physician or director of counseling.

Absences in Other Situations

Minor Medical Problems:

  • Students cannot expect to receive a dean’s excuse because they are sick, even if they receive prescription medication.
  • Students who make their own decision that they are too sick to attend class should inform their instructors of their absence but will not receive a dean’s excuse.
  • Visits to Bailey Health Center for routine medical conditions should not conflict with a student’s class schedule.
  • In the case where a student has been seen by a health care professional other than the College physician, the College physician will review the documentation provided by the student to determine the seriousness of the medical condition.

A dean’s excuse will not be issued to allow for holiday travel.