During Working Hours

The Health Center is equipped to handle many types of acute medical problems while the physicians are available (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) However, if there is a very serious or life-threatening problem, call the Office of Public Safety and request an ambulance. You may also dial 911 for an ambulance. However, notifying Public Safety works best as it can efficiently direct the emergency squad to your location and notify the College physician.

After Working Hours

Public safety serves as the health center’s answering service after normal hours. A dispatcher is on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. He/she can contact the College physician and arrange transportation to Easton Hospital.

Sexual Assault

Lafayette College has  sexual assault counselor educators available. More information on sexual assault policies can be found at Lafayette’s Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Prevention and Resources website.

Emergency phone numbers:

Bailey Health Center (610) 330-5001
After hours, call Public Safety (x5330)
Lafayette Counseling Center (610) 330-5005
Office of Public Safety (610) 330-4444
Easton Emergency Squad (610) 258-3871 non-emergency
911 emergency
Easton Police (610) 250-6666 non-emergency
911 emergency
Crime Victims Council (610) 437-6611, 24 hours
Lehigh Valley Health Network (610) 402-8000
St. Luke’s University Health Network (866) 785-8537
Dean of Students (610) 330-5082