As a condition of continued enrollment at Lafayette, students are required to complete Bailey Health Center insurance forms annually. This form must be completed by July 15, 2022. Follow the student health insurance letter below for further instructions.

An annual physical is not required. Please check your immunization record for compliance, particularly Meningitis B and Tetanus. If complete over the summer, please upload to the Patient Portal.


Trouble with submitting the annual required insurance form?

Please continue reading on for tips to prevent and/or troubleshoot any error message you may receive when submitting the form.  If you are waiving (not accepting) the school health insurance, you will be prompted to enter your private insurance information. There can be several reasons for an error message.
 1. The image of your insurance card is not properly submitted. These error messages have been rectified by taking the following steps:
      ~Save the image to your phone or laptop in jpeg format.
      ~Do not name the image anything besides “front” and “back” using letters only. Any special characters (/_-\ #etc) in the name of the image will cause an error.
      ~Crop out the entire background so that only the card is visible, making it less than 4MB, with the smallest file/pixel size possible.
      ~Continue on to upload the front and back of the card and submit the form.
  2. All fields MUST be completed.
      ~In the “select the services field”, if your policy does not require any referrals or authorizations, select other. Do not leave blank.
Thank you for your prompt attention to the completion of this health insurance form. We look forward to seeing you in August.