Feeling Sick?

To keep illnesses from spreading, students feeling sick should ask a friend or roommate to pick up grab-n-go meals at Gilbert’s, Skillman, or Lower Farinon. To take advantage of this program, please:

  1. Send an e-mail to both the friend/roommate picking up the meal and christopher.brown@cafebonappetit.com stating the friend/roommate has your authorization to use your student ID card.
  2. Let your friend/roommate know what you’d like to eat – for those with digestive illnesses, a pre-packaged “sick meal” containing Gatorade, crackers, soup, and applesauce is available.
  3. Instruct your friend to take your ID card and a printed or electronic copy of your authorization e-mail to the cashier. Your meal plan will be charged a meal equivalency for each meal.
  4. Keep yourself fed and hydrated and feel better soon!

Any questions, please contact Christopher Brown at 610-330-5346.

Dining Services