Dear members of the campus community:

I am pleased to report that the number students reporting symptoms of norovirus, which was confirmed by laboratory testing, continue to decline dramatically. Sporadic cases are still occurring, so please remain vigilant and adhere the recommendations described in prior communications (see below).

I would like to share some epidemiologic data, which helps in planning for future health related events:

  1. Although widespread norovirus activity was occurring in the first week of the semester, very few students were being seen by providers at Bailey or in the community.  We have taken steps to improve monitoring in residence halls to speed communication of health related events that could challenge the campus community in the future.
  2. Several cohorts on campus were disproportionately impacted by the virus-certain residence halls, fraternities, and athletic teams had a larger percentage of students who became ill. We will examine strategies to institute proactive measures in these groups.
  3. Students and employees sickened by the virus ate at a variety of locations and many did not use campus facilities for dining. Dining services rapidly implemented a variety of protocols in our Emergency Planning Guidelines for Health Related Events.

Again, although there has been a sharp reduction in the number of students who have become ill with norovirus, please continue to use behaviors that will minimize the spread of infectious diseases. These include the following tips.

  1. If you experience symptoms of the stomach virus or flu do not attend class, meetings or social events. Student- athletes should not participate in practice.
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizer.
  3. Students are encouraged not to use College dining facilities when they are ill – Dining Services will offer “Buddy Meals” as an option for pick up by friends. Find a “flu buddy” if you need assistance getting food or medicine. Grab-n-go meals are available at Gilbert’s, Skillman, or Lower Farinon – see Buddy Meals.
  4. Do not prepare food for others while experiencing symptoms and for three days after recovery since ill individuals can still shed for days after symptoms have resolved.
  5. After recovery from an illness such as flu or a stomach virus, wash your clothing and linens thoroughly and avoid contaminating surfaces with items that have been soiled.

We expect that as result of the many actions taken by the College and by students, this trend will continue. Thank you again for your support and teamwork.


Jeffrey Goldstein, MD FACEP
Director of Health Services